• Tonya Kapis

Chaga & Cacao Ceremony with a Full Blue Moon Meditation

Cacao is a strong heart opening plant that taken consciously can help with inner journey work. The Chaga Mushroom & Cacao Ceremony will create a conscious intention in your life and invite the Spirit of Cacao to work with us on our inner journey & the Chaga Mushroom opens our body up to its inner healing. Sacred Ceremonial Cacao is used in liquid form to warm & open our hearts in collaboration with our Locally Foraged Chaga Mushroom’s healing benefits to the body. Sacred Cacao is known to awaken our bodies ability to be loved by honoring ones light! The Chaga mushroom has been used in eastern medicine for over 2000 years & is an amazing immune booster with many healing qualities. We will relax to the magical energy and vibrations of the Shamanic Drumming and allow the Cacao & Chaga to begin working within our body and energy points. Moving into a higher vibrational meditation we will enter into an altered state of light to truly let go. We will begin our meditation practice selecting a Sacred Animal Totem Card to connect to our higher self. Closing our practice with a share if you wish but not required. Registration is Required Cost is 30$

Thursday February 1, 2018 6:30pm

Event Location:

The Yoga Deck

418 Cavitt Avenue

Trafford PA 15085

Our locally foraged Chaga is a rich rust & the Cacao Powder is a finely ground!

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