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The MLC Podcast~My Journey with The Other Side

The Mystic Life Coach Podcast was officially launched March 29th 2018. I had to look back to check the date and realized it was my Mother-in-Law Diane’s birthday. It has been 10 years since she passed. As I reflect back it reminds me of the night of her memorial dinner. I think what happened that evening was a huge influence on many of my important life decisions and it also shaped my journey back to my light.

When someone close in your family is diagnosed with cancer, everything changes forever. Stress begins to take over. Rushing to appointments and trying to make sense of doctors dodging your questions and not fully explaining what is happening. Not that our family is exempt from these hard times. It makes you really think about time and life itself. One day your living happily and the next day your whole world turns upside down. I can look back now and remember the good times, funny moments and appreciate the women she was. A few weeks before she passed she began to talk with me. Diane wanted to be strong and continue to fight her disease but she was tired and said she was about done with all of these appointments. She asked me if I believed in healing work and reiki. They offered it to the cancer patients at the hospital. I was so happy she was open to receive a reiki healing session. She told me it took away her pain for a few weeks. The pain eventually returned and she asked me why this was happening to her. I had no answers. One of our many talks Diane apologized to me for the one fight we had. I told her it was a stupid fight and none of that mattered. I know she felt guilty and apologized to me often as I spent time with her at hospital. I told her, no apologies necessary. I was happy to be there with her. She then asked me to promise her one thing:

“When I die, promise me you won’t have a party.”

I told her, I do not carry any weight with the decisions made in the family.

She laughed.

“I’m telling you, if you have a party when I die, I will haunt you.”

I told her again, no one listens to me. Plus you don’t want a funeral so maybe it would be nice to have a get together for those who want to support the family when the time comes.

She laughed again and said I’m not kidding. “No party, anyone they didn’t see me before all this, they aren’t seeing me now or partying when I’m gone.”

A few weeks later Diane passed on April 27th, 2008. She didn’t have a funeral viewing or service, but the family did plan a memorial “dinner”. I told my husband Kirk, of her wishes and he said, “we have to have something.” I reminded him, she didn’t say she would haunt you.

Diane was brutally honest at all times, she had no filter. She said whatever she wanted and honestly didn’t care if it was appropriate or not.

A few days later we had a memorial dinner. So many people came to support our family. The pastor asked us if anyone wanted to say a few words, or tell a story of Diane. All I could say is, “this is not a party.”

After the memorial, we went over to the bar and had a drink. My parents took Reece home. Kirk and I finally arrived home exhausted, it was such a long day we went right to bed.

I sat straight up in bed, startled as if someone screamed my name. I then felt paralyzed. I stared at my husband sleeping so sound, child like.

Diane’s chartreuse lucent body was floating in Kirk’s energy. I thought I was dreaming.

She snapped her head toward me and said, “I told you I would haunt you.”

“It wasn’t up to me, I said.”

“You better go down stairs to be with Reece, he is so sad and he needs you.” Diane said.

I watched her energy fade away. Her hazy image disappeared before my eyes.

I jumped out of bed and went down to check on Reece. I crawled over him and fell right back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, a bit confused and then I remembered my night time visitor. I went upstairs to tell Kirk. He wasn’t surprised at all. We both found comfort in her visit. Even though it was shocking.

I can look back over the past 10 years and know she came to me to prepare me for my work as an intuitive. My childhood gifts returned slowly. I began to remember my light each time I chose to connect to my higher self in meditation. As my practice became more regular, I was able to begin to understand my childhood visitors and how The Other Side communicated to me. My intuition increased as I let go of the fear. I felt lighter when I honored my gifts.

I stopped pushing away The Other Side and my life began to flow. Each synchronicity I acknowledged strengthened my intuition.

Two years later in 2010 I listened to my inner knowing and began my Yoga Teacher Training. My yoga practice transformed my busy mind allowing me to go further inward in my meditations. I began teaching yoga privately and utilized tarot cards to help my students connect to their light or offer them guidance. I honored messages from The Other Side and my intuition continued to strengthen.

I am often asked, “how do I become more intuitive?” First you have to believe in your knowing or intuition. Then begin to slow down and take time for yourself. Start a meditation practice. Sitting quietly each day to tune into your body and breathe mindfully. Let go of stress & tension, and stop saying yes to everything. It is impossible to tune into your intuition if you are not taking care of yourself. Self care is key to strengthen your spiritual gifts.



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