• Cara Bessko

Trauma & Yoga

Trauma isn't some obtuse obsolete word, it's as real as a word as breakfast. Trauma and mental illness/imbalance are in bed with one another. And their physical manifestations are as real as a broken arm, as cancer and they need to be addressed and healed as such. It's got to become someone's story to sort. Story after story, abuse, regret, rejection, reliving, until operator becomes used to scraps and sub par conditions. It is our human birthright to feel and be healthy. There's so many adjectives and diagnosis engulfing trauma and mental health... even that blanket becomes too much weight to bear and bare. The body takes inventory the brain drowns in repression and repetition until bad habits occur ten fold. Then we're left with only trying and doing. THIS IS WHERE YOGA begins. With our stillness, our breath and our mindful movement - walking through to the other side, where relief lies - is possible. ~Cara Bessko

Join Cara if your new to Yoga or you just want to start over in healing your body.

This 4 Week Series begins Wednesday July 10th,

and continues each Wednesday July 17th, July 24, July 31st.

Registration is required.

Contact the studio 412-901-4545

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